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When the Chief of Health and Safety starts investigating the artificial town of Kidsboro, the citizens in the woods behind Whit's End begin to panic. Also, the Ethan and his band find them on the road headed for their first concert. Can it get any better than this? Probably.

Appearances Edit

Character Actor
John Watsenburger Kevin McCreary
Robert Skeed Loren Crisp
Regis Blackbeard Loren Crisp
Inspector Peterson Loren Crisp
Random Little Kid Kirsten Vandenberg
Announcer Kevin McCreary
Ethan Daniels Kevin McCreary
Aaron Wiley Garrett Vandenberg
Phil Jinkus Mark Jones
James Carlisle Loren Crisp
Uncle Bernie Justin McKinzie

Trivia Edit

Season 3
Key: TS = Thanksgiving Special, CA = Contest Announcement, HS = Halloween Special, XMAS = Christmas Special
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