Podcast Description Edit

A special tribute to a local reporter hero in Odyssey is recognized for his daring questions. Meanwhile Mpark boys play their first show, opening up for popular Pop Punk Electronic band Eleventyseven. But is there something more going on? Probably not.

Appearances Edit

Character Actor
John Watsenburger Kevin McCreary
Daniel Withe Garrett Vandenberg
Kevin McCreary Kevin McCreary
Matt Langston Matt Langston
Announcer Kevin McCreary
Ethan Daniels Kevin McCreary
Aaron Wiley Garrett Vandenberg
Phil Jinkus Mark Jones
James Carlisle Loren Crisp
Uncle Bernie Justin McKinzie

Trivia Edit

  • John says "that clip was first heard in the first part of the news, at 10:30". The clip comes from The Green Ring Conspiracy, part 1 at timestamp 10:30.
  • Eleventyseven says they're going to play the song College Girls, and then proceed to play the song Love in Your Arms.
Season 3
Key: TS = Thanksgiving Special, CA = Contest Announcement, HS = Halloween Special, XMAS = Christmas Special
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