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It's a fly by night event in Odyssey, when a UFO is sighted, but could it be the end of the small town? No, it couldn't, The Ceiling Fan doesn't have the power to do that. Meanwhile, Ethan Daniels and the gang run into some snags, as they make their way to Detroit, but is this just an accident, or is there some suspicion? Solve the mystery for yourself, so we don't have to!!!

Appearances Edit

Character Actor
John Watsenburger Kevin McCreary
Daniel Withe Garrett Vandenberg
Robert Skeed Loren Crisp
Martha Rogers Loren Crisp
Ethan Daniels Kevin McCreary
Aaron Wiley Garrett Vandenberg
Phil Jinkus Mark Jones
James Carlisle Loren Crisp
Uncle Bernie Justin McKinzie

Trivia Edit

  • This episode's news report references AIO episode The Mystery of the Clocktower, aired Fall 2010.
Season 3
Key: TS = Thanksgiving Special, CA = Contest Announcement, HS = Halloween Special, XMAS = Christmas Special
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