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Wooton Bassett inspires the US postal service to provide more services beyond mail carrying, but postal workers aren't too excited about it. Meanwhile, Ethan realizes what a rap battle actually is, but stands his ground. And why can't he remember what he

Appearances Edit

Character Actor
John Watsenburger Kevin McCreary
Daniel Withe Garrett Vandenberg
Arthur Dent Loren Crisp
Mail Lady Garrett Vandenberg
Ice Kreme Kevin McCreary
Announcer Kevin McCreary
Ethan Daniels Kevin McCreary
Tooth Fairy Kevin McCreary
Aaron Wiley Garrett Vandenberg
Phil Jinkus Mark Jones
James Carlisle Loren Crisp
Tom (c) Loren Crisp
Tom's Wife Loren Crisp
Uncle Bernie Justin McKinzie

Trivia Edit

  • James offers to show Ethan and Aaron a doctor's note, referencing a similar scene in AIO episode The Malted Milkball Falcon in which Priscilla offers to show Emily and Matthew a doctor's note.
Season 3
Key: TS = Thanksgiving Special, CA = Contest Announcement, HS = Halloween Special, XMAS = Christmas Special
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