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You've spent the last 3 years wondering the truth about Phil Jinkus. Today, it all comes to light, with part 1 of this 2 part backstory of The Ceiling Fan's most mysterious character!

Appearances Edit

Character Actor
Phil Jinkus Mark Jones
Red One Unknown
Bernard Rodriguez Justin McKinzie
Lucy Middlelast Kelli Taylor
First Drug Dealer Unknown
Second Drug Dealer Michael Benson
The Director Scott McCreary
Kingpin Unknown
Season 4
IA1·IA2·IA3·IA4·IA5·IA6·IA7·IA8·43·CA5·44·News Report 1·45·46·47·48·TS5
Key: TS = Thanksgiving Special, IA = Intern Aaron Special, CA = Contest Announcement, XMAS = Christmas Special
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