Podcast Description Edit

It's Christmas again and the Ceiling Fan boys are celebrating in their own special way. It's a good thing Ethan planned ahead!

Appearances Edit

Character Actor
Ethan Daniels Kevin McCreary
Aaron Wiley Garrett Vandenberg
Phil Jinkus Mark Jones
James Carlisle Loren Crisp
Uncle Bernie Justin McKinzie
Jessica Tracy Lyn Holland
Freezy the Snowboy Kevin McCreary
Hermie Mark Jones
Yukon Cornelius Loren Crisp
The Abominable Snow Monster Garrett Vandenberg
Intern Fred Kevin McCreary
Leader of the Misfit Interns Tracy Lyn Holland
Santa Claus Loren Crisp
Elf Loren Crisp
Mrs. Daniels Tracy Lyn Holland


  • This episode is a parody of Rudolph, the Red-nosed Reindeer.
  • The train ride, however, comes from The Polar Express.
  • When Yukon Cornelius says "Stop!", Ethan responds "Hammertime!" referencing the song U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer.
  • The Intern Leader's bottle and cork analogy is borrowed from the TV show Lost.
Season 3
Key: TS = Thanksgiving Special, CA = Contest Announcement, HS = Halloween Special, XMAS = Christmas Special
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