Kevin Scott McCreary is the creator of The Ceiling Fan and the voice of Ethan Daniels and John Watsenburger. He writes and directs most of the episodes.

Biography Edit

Kevin was born in the summer of 1986. He grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina. As a teenager, he recorded several CDs. He teamed up with his friend JD to make the iconic duo DJ Mac and JD, releasing the albums Skwoo-dwi-ver and Let's Get Serious. Intending to go into ministry, Kevin received a scholarship to North Greenville University, where he ended up getting a degree in Media Broadcasting.

In the summer of 2008, Kevin got an internship with Focus on the Family, where he met Nathan Hoobler and Charlie Roth. He and Charlie started the Ceiling Fan Podcast in August 2008. After Charlie stopped working on The Ceiling Fan, Kevin recruited his friend Mark Jones to help with the podcast. The three of them started The Tadpole Audio Series in 2009, but The Tadpole did not last long.

In 2010, Kevin got a job with Focus on the Family, where he began producing the Official AIO Podcast.

In 2012, Kevin moved back to South Carolina, where he worked with his sister Dana Davis, and his friend Michael Benson. They began the youtube channel daboombros. In June 2012, Kevin met Josh and Jordan Taylor from the youtube channel Blimey Cow. He began doing sound design for their youtube series Messy Mondays, and featured them on a few episodes of The Ceiling Fan.

In 2013, Kevin moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he continued working with Josh and Jordan from Blimey Cow. In 2014, he started his youtube channel Say Goodnight Kevin, as well as the podcast The Inner Tube with Josh Taylor. He began working at MadeIn Network that same year.

In September 2016, Kevin married Carmen Miller.

In July 2017, Kevin was fired from his job at MadeIn.

In Fall 2017, Kevin began working with ChristianCinema to produce a weekly news show for their YouTube channel. The first episode was released November 1.

Family Edit

Kevin has two sisters, Dana and Katie.

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