I got time to sing, no time to blink
But there's just one thing that gets me through the week
On Saturday morning, most kids play cartoons
I'm learning lessons up in my room
No matter where I go, you can bet you'll see
Me using my ears to go to Odyssey
Said no matter what I do you can bet you'll see
Me using my ears to go to Odyssey

[Home stereo]
I got Lights Out at Whit's End spinning
[Car Radio]
Always Camp What-A-Nut with me
[My boombox]
The Treasure of Lamonde always loud and clear
[My iPod]
Isaac the True Friend straight to my ear


Now some say I'm weird, and some say I'm crazy
But none of this is true (well some of it, maybe)
But it's alright, I just know what's good
I never cry Destructo! like a good boy should
You try to poke fun, but you best stop messin'
I'll punch you real hard when I done learn my lesson
Nobody breaks down like I do right here
And nothing's better than Odyssey in your ear

[Home stereo]
Every single day, Novacom spinnin'
[Car Radio]
And more Novacom 'cause it takes forever to finish
[My boombox]
Sunset Bowlawater loud and clear
[My iPod]
The Official Podcast wired straight to my ear

Now I can see you
Looking at me
You don't understand
This Odyssey
Well let me help you
Go get a pen
Write this down
You'll get it then!

W H I T S E N D dot O R G

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