Phil Jinkus is the main adult protagonist of TCF, generally acting as the voice of reason amidst Ethan's hijinks.

Biography (Major Spoilers!)Edit

As a teenager, Phil was a genius who had little ambition and no friends. This made him a perfect candidate to join The Agency (Episode 51 part 1). After being recruited into The Agency, Phil fell in love with Lucy Middlelast, and they became engaged to be married. However, before they could quit the agency, Lucy was captured by Sylvester Rochelle and presumed dead. Phil quit the agency, but was asked by The Director to keep an eye on Ethan Daniels (Episode 51 part 2). Phil got a job in the corner store and joined Ethan's podcast as a cohost (Episode 7).

For Christmas 2008, Ethan wanted to make a Christmas Special, but Phil, still upset over losing Lucy, was grumpy and wanted to sit inside playing WoBA instead. The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future came to change Phil's mind (Episode 9). Phil was able to make a deal with the ghost of Christmas Past to be more cheerful around Christmastime if the ghost would teach him the secret of time travel (Episode 20).

Over the next few years, Phil became a voice of reason to keep Ethan from going too far in his escapades. He played guitar for M'kalister Park (Episode Fifteen) and used his time traveling ability to get rid of Freezy and save Ethan's Christmas (Episode 20).

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