Ice Kreme: My name is Ice Kreme, Ethan Daniels, Ice Kreme! I'm the original Adventures in Odyssey rapper! And if you don't recognize, then you goin' down, man, you goin' down, so get ready for this!

Alright, yeah, here we go
You think you got what it takes to be an Odyssey hero?
But I ain't seen nothing but fear, yo
I don't see any of your Odyssey gear, homes
So you want to question my fandom?
I've got every single Adventures in Odyssey album
From Family Portraits to Fifty-Four
If you can't top that, well there's the door!
I've listened to your podcast, yeah, yeah, yeah
And I despise how you talk fast, yeah, yeah, yeah
You say that you're the biggest fan
But I never hear you talkin' about Odyssey, man
So who you trying to fool, fool?
You better get back to Elementary School
'Cause I've listened to Odyssey way, way more
I was listenin' to Odyssey before I was born!

Ethan: Alright, I get it. Yeah. Yes. Okay, alright, no no. Alright, I understand what's going on here. Let's get this done.
You say you're Ice Kreme?
More like Ice Mean!
It's appropriate, it's the coldest bit I've ever seen
But your words may be cold
They're all so old
You think it's the first time that I've ever been told
That I'm not the biggest fan?
What you thinkin?
Do you even listen man? You hear me speakin?
This must be a joke
You can't be for real
What, you think I don't have email?
I'm Ethan Daniels, I've heard it all before
I'm the biggest fan, period, nothing more
You think that means that I gotta give a reason?
With every word you say your credibility's decreasin!
I may not have known when I came up here today
What this was all about or what you were gonna say
But now I understand
I've heard it all before
You're just another jealous fan wishing you were something more
If you need proof here's an iPod, listen
I got fifty million fans who would sign a petition
To crown me number one
There's nothing left to say, I'm out, you're done!

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